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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Upcoming Book Launch!

If you've been around the blogosphere for any length of time, you will most certainly know of  LiLa, the sister writing team of Lisa and Laura Roecker. Their debut novel, THE LIAR SOCIETY, launches on March 1st! 
The main character, Kate Lowry, is an edgy, 21st century Nancy Drew with pearls and pink hair who receives an email for her best friend who happens to be dead. Yeah, you read that right, bright pink hair and dead friend.

I wanted to join into the funof preparing for the book's arrival, however, buying a pink wig or *gasp* changing my hair color to pink ..... I don't think so. However, the fabulous LiLa have offered to temporarily dye my hair (okay, so they colorized my photo, don't be so literal about it!). Without further ado, I bring you 'pretty in pink'


Yeah, okay, it's not the photo I'd send with a resume, but hey, it IS festive!

I also asked the ladies a few questions about launch day. Love their answers!

Welcome Lisa and Laura! So glad to be a part of your book celebration. How about answering a few Qs for the crowd?

LiLa: Glad to be here. Fire away!

Launching a book is kind of like preparing for the Oscars, I'm guessing, so what are you two going to do that day to prepare?
Well...Laura will brush Lisa's hair and Lisa will make-up Laura's face. And then we'll jump up and down and scream together. And then want to throw up. We're more nervous for the book launch than we were for our weddings!
If you were to ask your kids to help promote the book, what do you think they would do? (Well, maybe not Ben whose  probable choices are sleep, cry, eat, or poop)
They would most definitely dye their hair pink if we let them. The girls have been dying to get their paws on our pink extensions and even Jack might join in on the fun. And pearls are a no-brainer. Lydia has her own pearls and can't wait to break them out on the big day!
If someone wanted to give you a present on launch day, what would you want to get?
A Xanax and the guarantee that it will work as promised (as opposed to making us pass out, speak gibberish or otherwise embarrass ourselves.)
Name a song that would fit perfectly with your mood/feelings as THE LIAR SOCIETY  heads out into the world?
I'm So Excited. The Jessie Spano version because it's just so much more entertaining.
Just how many twizzlers do you think you'll consume on launch day?
One Family Size pack each. It's not going to be pretty.

Okay readers....pull out those unused Xanax and ship them off to Lisa and Laura; it's fine if they're expired, it will just cut the potency issue.  DISCLAIMER: Just kidding....about the sending the pills, not the potency stuff.

Maybe it would be better to send some Twizzlers instead. I'd vote for cherry but a variety of black, strawberry red, and cherry red would be okay too.

Bottom line, good luck ladies on the launch. I KNOW it will be great! And for those of you who can't make it to Cleveland- home of the LiLa- there will be an online launch party on March 7th right here. Hope to see you there.


  1. Gail, you are awesome. And you look beautiful in pink. Thanks for having us!!!

  2. AH! Thank you so much for having us Gail! You look mahvelous in pink!

  3. Ah, Gail your hair is awesome pink. I think I need me some pink hair :)

  4. You look really beautiful in pink :)

  5. Love the pink idea ... What a fun and catchy way to promote the book :)

  6. AAAAAHHHH! What great hair you have.

  7. Love the pink hair! Suits you! So happy for Lisa and Laura! Wish I had some Xanax to send them. But I have a feeling they'll blaze through this no problem! ;)