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Friday, April 9, 2010

Write from the Soul

Have you ever taken a webinar? You know, that's the buzzword for an online seminar.  Well, I've taken a few; some of them have a fee, others are free, some of them have marginal information and others are chock full of valuable info.

Yesterday's webinar, called "Self Marketing For Authors", was presented by Writers Digest. The speaker was Chip MacGregor, a literary agent with MacGregor Literary. (You can check out his blog at www.chipmacgregor.com) I thought he was fabulous and gave practical suggestions. I don't want to tell you EVERYTHING in the webinar- you know they frown upon that- but here are a few points to entice you into checking out Writers Digest and Chip's blog and the webinar yourself.

When making your marketing plan, think S.W.O.T.
  • Strengths- what you do well
  • Weaknesses- what you struggle with
  • Opportunities- people, places, organizations that you can work with
  • Threats- what you need to overcome to reach your goal

Chip discussed some of the marketing tools that currently work for authors.
  1. contests and campaigns
  2. blogs
  3. videos, including book trailers
  4. short and positive communication
  5. giving away stuff
  6. magazines and e-zines

Once you've gotten that book deal, he suggests ways to make your publisher fall in love with you ;-)
  • keep a positive relationship going
  • say "YES" to everything (as for as marketing)
  • establish your brand
  • listen to advice- especially from editors
  • deliver on time- be it info or manuscript revisions
  • participate with enthusiasm
  • express appreciation- it feels good to all
There was much more- I took 8 pages of notes! The best parts??? Writers Digest gives you access to the webinar information for a year!!! They also send you all the questions that were"asked", whether they were answered during the Q and A session or not, and of course, the answers, in print. I think that's a great take-away.

So when you have a chance, go to the Writers Digest web site and peruse their webinars and online workshops.
*** Disclaimer: I am not receiving any compensation, favors, or swag for this announcement. I'm just enthusiastic about it!!!!


  1. thank for the link, Gail. I checked it out and enjoyed reading so of the post.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog Gail (spell any way you want!)

  3. I can see I need to start making time for webinars. Thanks! I love Chuck--he's the best!

  4. I've always wondered about the value of webinars. Sounds like you got your money's worth!

  5. Sounds like you got your money's worth, Gail!

  6. So helpful! Thanks for the recap!

  7. Thanks for the link. Now, thanks to you a new world has opened up to me. Roland

    Come drop by my blog, WRITING IN THE CROSSHAIRS, if you're of a mind. Pull up a cyber-chair and browse a bit. Have a surprisingly good week, Roland

  8. Ah, wonderful! I've always wondered if those webinars were worth it. I'll go see what all they have.